3 Low Cost Local Marketing Ideas

Even when people are planning to buy locally, one of the first places they turn to is the internet to find where to go. Interestingly, many people would rather use a search engine to find local businesses than their local phone book. This makes local search marketing a crucial part of any company’s marketing efforts.

Most consumers still visit the store in person or call to talk to a live person after an internet search for a local product or service. This means that both businesses relying on local or a broader customer areas need to do more than offline marketing to compete in today’s search engine-centric world.

Online marketing can jumpstart your company’s visibility and amplify your current offline marketing efforts. Use online search marketing to build a following, find and connect with prospects and customers you wouldn’t have reached otherwise, and strengthen recognition of your brand.

1.  Harness the power of social marketing

Effective low cost marketing usually requires putting forth time and energy rather than money. So it is with using social media to market your company. Social media is free and is a great opportunity for connecting with customers.

Create a Facebook business page and be sure to set up your timeline view. This is a good place to start since so many of your customers are already using Facebook. This will make you easy to find and connect with for your customers and prospects. Make sure to show a lot of your personality in the About section and add interesting visuals and content that match your brand.

Find other Facebook pages where your customers (and people like your customers) already hang out. Start posting interesting and useful comments on those pages. If what you say is relevant to your customers, they will click to your page to see what else you have to offer. Gather as many likes as possible on your Facebook page. You will also want to create Google + and Twitter accounts and be an active member of those communities as well.

2. Get into content marketing

Content marketing involves regularly posting valuable, interesting, and entertaining online content that people will become interested in and start to follow. This is a great way for a prospect to get to know and build a relationship with your company. One of the easiest ways to begin content marketing is by blogging. You may also want to get into guest blogging and commenting on other industry-specific blogs.

3. Post compelling videos on YouTube

You may not be aware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also free. You can make how-to videos, informational videos, fun videos, whatever your client base will connect with. You can also publish your YouTube videos to your Facebook and Google + accounts.

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