Software that Kills Office Politics Improves Employee Workflow

Work assignments should be assigned to the employees best able to do the work. Project updates should be communicated effectively and professionally. Recently employees were polled to find what causes them to dread going to work. 34% of employees report their worst hell is office politics. Savvy executives find they can eliminate office politics by being engaged and informed without biased reporting. The solution to avoiding second-hand information, is using the software that allows top management to check in for project status at-a-glance and give input to any employee regarding their work without interrupting the work process. Check out this infographic to see find employee workflow solutions.

How To Advertise Your Company on the Internet

The Internet has completely changed the way that organizations do business. It is not enough to rely on the traditional forms of media like the television or print ads anymore. It takes an organization that is in touch with the Internet and the social media advertising solutions to appeal to a new generation.

Many people that are in need of advertising will scramble to find the right marketing company that can actually address organization needs effectively. Online marketing solutions by Orangesoda have become very valuable to new companies. So much has changed over the years in concerned to marketing. More companies are building a presence on the web with social media. It is almost impossible to reach the masses without embracing these forms of marketing.

The Internet has really made it easy for companies to build a brand without spending a fortune to do so. There are a lot of organizations that use videos and online commercials that can be accessed at any time. This is much better than waiting for a television spot for an advertisement. Online advertising reaches beyond geographical boundaries. People that have been looking for ways to improve upon their business will need to consider OrangeSoda. This is a company that is embracing the cutting edge marketing platforms that involve highly popular apps and social medial platforms.

The app market is really big because a lot of people are accessing the Internet from their smart phones and tablets. There is app advertising that is very effective for companies that have learned how to tap into this market. It really is a valuable part of the new advertising culture of today. More organizations are recognizing the value of using these new platforms to appeal to more people sooner.

That is what is best about the whole concept of online marketing. There are so many people that have access to the web because there are so many resources for this. Some users access the web by using tablets. Others users have smart phones or laptops. Entire generations of people have lots of different ways to access the Internet at work, home and on the job. This is why is makes more sense to consider this method.

The first thing that a company that needs advertising has to do is recognize how this strategy can be implemented to attract new business. After this is done company leaders can work with OrangeSoda to develop strategies to continue connecting with customers for repeat business. This is what social media is able to do. Companies that build an online presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook can develop a following. This can ultimately lead to better brand recognition and great brand loyalty.

How Chargify Can Help You Manage Your Growing Business

As a business grows, so does the many responsibilities that tend to overwhelm a staffs minimal capabilities. When this happens, having a company behind you who is capable of pulling in the slack and providing tools that can greatly assist in each of the areas that a business is lacking in can be a sight for sore eyes. This is where Chargify comes in extremely handy.

The tools provided by a company who will be responsible for managing your everyday customer transactions and communications should be able to handle the job no matter how big or how small the business might be. The first thing that a business will notice when deciding to work with a company like this is that they do provide the services to assist with all business sizes. Small businesses aren’t forced to pay for and utilize the tools that big corporations would need to use on a daily basis and the opposite holds just as true. Big corporations aren’t limited to the tools that small growing businesses need to have available on a daily basis either.

Management tools play a very big role in how a growing business functions from day to day. A businesses ability to offer safe reliable payment options, along with clear concise communications, to their customers is vital if a business is to continue to grow. There are a number of different payment scenarios that a business can be faced with and being backed by a company who can provide for them all is always a wonderful thing. Whether you need to offer your customers one-time payment options, recurring payment options, flat-rate pricing, or metered pricing makes no difference whatsoever because they are all features offered by the only company you will ever need standing by your side as your business continues to grow.

There are times when a business finds a need to offer their customers coupons, or trial periods to test a product, and these are critical in attracting new customers and keeping existing customers happy. The ability to attract new customers, and keep existing customers happy, is the only way that a business will experience the continued growth that all businesses hope to see as time passes by. These are tools that can be utilized when a business begins working with the best business management company available today.

The ability to keep up with all of the different email communications that must go out to different customers on a daily basis can become difficult to manage when left to manage them alone. Another wonderful feature that is included in the business management package is automatic emails sent to customers for different situations (like failed payments). Emails can be edited and customized to read exactly how a business wants them to read for each individual situation and that is as convenient as convenient can get.

There are a number of additional ways in which Chargify can help manage a growing business and each of them have been set in place for the purpose of completely simplifying a businesses day to day management capabilities.

Website Development Company Can Help Grow Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business, you really need to stay ahead of your competitors if you are going to stand out in the crowd. The best way to do that is to look for a website development company that provides SEO services tailor made for your business. You have to understand that for every niche there is online, there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses trying to get the same visitors to come to their pages and websites. The problem with this is that you really need to be on the first few pages of the organic searches or no one is ever going to find your site.

One of the best SEO services that can help you to get to the top of the organic search results is the selection of your keywords. You may own the best dog training business in the country, but if you think just because you use the keyword “dog training”, over and over on your articles and webpages that the people will be lining up to your store, you are in for some bad news. The trouble with a keyword like dog training is that is has millions and millions of results for that one term. The chances of your website being in the top thirty pages is slim and none.

One way your business can be catapulted to the top of the search engines is by utilizing long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are just longer variations of the shorter keyword you originally wanted. Now many times the keyword dog training for puppies, only gets a couple hundred thousand searches rather than a couple million. Finding a long tail keyword that has the original keyword in it, and only gets ten thousand searches a month is like hitting the lottery. A keyword like dog training my rescue dog, is a perfect way to get to the top of the search engine ranking for a keyword not too many other competitors are using. A good website development company can provide your business with multiple long tail keywords, then implement in the original keyword so that you are also ranking for the long and short ones.

Once the website begins to get organic traffic for long tail keywords, you will slowly begin to move up the rankings. This means that if you surround the long tail keywords with popular keywords, you are giving your website more authority and the traffic will grow steadily. SEO services can range from article marketing, link building, and meta tags, but if your keywords are not properly optimized, your website will stay invisible. Working with a website development company that can provide you with a list of long tail and short keywords is the best way to build your business from the ground up, and ensure that traffic will steadily increase over time.

Choosing between VPS and Cloud Hosting

Storing business information in a virtual storage area is a growing area of technology, not completely understood by many people in charge of storage in the business world. Virtual storage solutions allow a vast amount of documentation and information to be stored online to reduce the amount of paper storage or hardware needed by a company to store their important information. There are two commonly used forms of online storage types used for storing information, these are the virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud hosting.

In general, Cloud hosting has become the better known in the battle of VPS vs Cloud hosting. This is largely because of the growth of cloud hosting for personal information, such as photos and personal documents; for business, cloud hosting is often mistrusted because of the vast expanse of online applications used to store the information. Cloud hosting stores information by spreading the information across a large number of computers and storage solutions, that can be expanded as required to allow more information to be stored. One of the problems for many business users lies in knowing where the information they store in the Cloud is held, and whether any other Cloud users will be able to access the information.

The bonuses of Cloud hosting lie in the fact that the amount of space for storage is not limited by the size of a single assembly of hardware. As the amount of information grows the Cloud expands to allow more information to be stored, alongside large storage many pieces of information are shrunk in size to allow more information to be stored in a smaller area.

VPS hosting differs as it requires hardware that is limited in space to the amount of information that can fit within the piece of hardware. VPS also allows a larger amount of security for the business that allows peace of mind for the business storing information, the type and amount of security used is also known to the business to allow them to be secure in the knowledge their information is safe.

Billing for VPS and Cloud storage varies by the amount of information stored and the requirements of who requires access to the information. Cloud storage can often have higher monthly rates for storage as more users require greater access to their information, with VPS offering limited space and access to information the monthly cost remains the same.

Choosing between VPS and Cloud storage is the choice of the individual or company and the requirements for the amount of storage required and number of people accessing the information. Researching the different options can give a company or individual the information on which solution works best fro their needs.

Instazebra Infographic

It is hard to believe that many marketers still haven’t caught on to the advantages offered through Instagram. This is one of the most popular new social media sites out on the internet. It features up to 150 million users who are active on the site each month.

Through Instagram, over 16 billion photos have been shared by users. There are even 1.2 billion likes that are posted on the site at any given moment. Think about using Instazebra to help advertise to users who are on Instagram. This can be the best way for marketers to instantly link up to thousands of users at one time.
Instagram Infographic

An Introduction to App Development

Starting mobile app development can be somewhat daunting at first. If one keeps a few things in mind however, it can be an exciting field. First and foremost, one needs to decide on which platform to target. Many people are surprised to discover that this, and related matters will be the most difficult part of the development process. The creation of a development plan is often a more daunting task than writing the actual code.

The two most popular platforms at the moment are iOS and Android. The user numbers for both tend to shift around quite a bit over time, but in general the numbers tend to be somewhat even. Obviously, a developer will want to target both platforms. This is made quite a bit more difficult by the fact that each uses a different programming language. Android uses a subset of the Java programming language, and iOS uses Objective C. While there are similarities between the two, for the most part this means that one can’t simply share a codebase between an Android and iOS based app.

That said, there is one shared point between the two platforms. HTML5 based applications are usually thought of as something which only exists within a browser. It’s actually possible to take HTML5 based apps, basically embed them within a browser’s functionality and then distribute them as one would any other app. It’s even possible to include hooks to native operating system functions in order to provide a more native experience to the application. However, while this is possible on a technical level there is a significant downside. At the moment, Apple disallows something known as JIT compilation within their embedded browser. The end effect is that an otherwise native and deployed HTML5 based app on iOS will function significantly slower than it would if loaded directly into a browser. For some apps this won’t be much of a concern. Basic calculations and anything which mainly works with text shouldn’t suffer any real world detriments from the lack of JIT compilation. Anything which uses a larger amount of calculations will probably suffer significant slowdown though. If this isn’t an issue, the HTML5 model of development may well be the easiest path to creating a fully platform independent and yet native application for a wide variety of mobile devices.

If one needs full speed for both platforms, things can be more difficult. In these cases it will be necessary to either drop support for one platform or to simply work with two mostly separate codebases. If one does decide to keep a separate branch for each platform, it’s imperative that he or she also adhere to a strict and clearly written design spec. It essentially means writing a clone of one’s own program, so it will be vital to ensure that one has a set procedure of requirements for it.

Learning About SEO

The Basics of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a concept successful webmasters must understand. Using SEO correctly can make the difference between a site just “taking up space” on the Internet, and one earning thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.

The first search engine, “Archie,” was created in 1990. Since then, there have been several, but Google is the most widely used. Search engines employ algorithmic programs to decide which pages to look at, and how frequently to visit that page. Then, “spiders” or “robots” crawl the site looking for relevant keywords and content. They also find how many backlinks there are to the site. Backlinks are links that websites use to point visitors to other web locations.

The engines use these things, together with the quality and relevance of the site content, to process the value of the site. The result is page ranking. If a site has a high page rank, it comes up on the first couple of pages the engine displays in search results. Obviously, people searching a topic are not going to scroll through many pages of results, so page ranking is important to a site.

Understanding and using SEO can help webmasters achieve that high ranking. The OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog goes into many SEO topics in depth, and can help newbies to the Internet understand search engine strategies, but here are the basics. On-page SEO employs keywords to help the “spiders” crawling a site know where to search. It involves writing content that includes words and phrases that are used by people searching for the service or product the site provides. Off-page SEO is building links in other content, or other sites, that will point searchers back to the parent site.

SEO also comes as “White Hat,” and “Black Hat.” White Hat, or Organic, SEO is optimization that is not paid for. It uses keywords that occur naturally in the content and that are relevant, basic linking, and relevant content to achieve page ranking. Black Hat SEO is usually a purchased strategy. It uses trending keywords, whether or not they relate to the content, sometimes “stuffing” them. It also uses hidden text in the content to re-direct searchers to another site. Links are also stuffed in Black Hat SEO, but search engines recognize a site with overuse of keywords or links as low-quality.
Of course, there are advanced techniques and important nuances, beyond basic SEO, that webmasters should understand. For instance, the OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog recently featured an entry entitled “5 Steps to Writing Content for Your Target Audience.” Clearly, more knowledge in Internet marketing translates to higher page ranks and increased site revenue.

Finding an Office Space 101

The first thing to do when looking for a suitable office space is to make sure and explore your options. Never, ever choose the very first space that is shown to you. That is just not a wise business move in any scenario. You want to see a bunch of places before deciding which one to settle on. Even if you are on a time crunch, it pays off in the long run to take your time and looking at a few options to compare to one another. You want to see all options before narrowing down and deciding on the one you’ll take. Each space is different, and will provide different options for you.

By looking at multiple options, you can narrow down exactly what the space needs to have for you in order for your business to be successful. You need to have your list of needs and wants when looking at every space. You won’t know what you need until you look around at what is available. Some spaces you’ll see are already sectioned off into offices and for the most part are move in ready aside from bringing in furniture. Other spaces you’ll see are just wide open spaces and you’ll need to spend both time and money allocating space into offices or cubicles or whatever it is that will suit you best. Office space for lease Dallas will help you find what type of space is best for you. Something to keep in mind when finding a suitable office space is to determine if you want to move into an established office solution scenario or if you want to buy/lease a space and build it from the ground up. I’m not too sure about you, but I think the idea of moving into an established office solution sounds like a great idea.

Some benefits of this include: access to an office space that is already furnished, access to both conference rooms and additional meeting space, access to a cafeteria so that your employees can have lunch, access to a janitorial service so you know the space is regularly cleaned and up kept, typically access to IT solutions, already established mail rooms and copy rooms, access to already hired administrators so the need for multiple employees on your end is limited. To me this sounds great! This cuts down on a lot of time and stress trying to get the logistics of a new business up and running.

Basically this is turnkey in the fact that you walk in and are ready to get to work. Sure this option might require a hefty price tag, think of the time you’ll save setting up everything on your own and you can simply jump right into your business and starting to make money. Peace of mind means a lot to me! The last tip regarding finding a suitable office space would be to make sure that whatever you decide on is going to work with your business plan. First figure out your plan, what sort of equipment if any you’ll need, and how many employees you’ll need. Don’t find a space and then figure out how everything is going to fit. Make sure you do it the other way around.


How To Successfully Manage Business Projects

When you need to improve your current business tools can help. Simply fill out the ‘Get a Custom Demo’ form and you will be contacted by a representative who will cue in a product expert. The product expert will take some time to find out what your needs and then walk through a demo made specifically with your issues in mind. can assist with problems such as: project and portfolio management, customizing reports and dashboards, time and resource management, help desk issue tracking and integrating with popular products like Google Drive and others.



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