Tips for Helping Keep your Blog Going

If you have a blog, you know how tiring it can be to keep it going. It seems as though customers are always changing their minds on the type of content they want and how often they visit the blog. Understanding how you can reach out to the customers will make a big difference in maintaining a consistent traffic flow. Here are some tips to help keep your blog going:

  1. High quality content. One thing that the customers will heavily value is the content that you are placing on the blog. Why should they visit your blog? What will they learn? You need to place yourself in their shoes when creating a blog and really focus on finding ways to educate them with material that is 100% original and creative. While some content may be similar to others in your industry, your goal should be to create content that people are really interested in and will want to read. You need to stand apart in your industry to keep your customers attention and make them come back to your blog often.
  2. Valuable links and videos. When you place videos and links on your blog, make sure you are offering the customers something of value. Check your links to ensure that they are working and make sure you are giving the customers something that relates to the content on the blog. Error-free content will make a difference to the customers as they can see you check over your blog often and that you are trying to give them information that is presented in the best possible manner.
  3. Guest blogging. A great way to get your customers coming back to your site is by using some guest bloggers. The guest bloggers can give you some fresh content that is completely different from everything else on your blog. This makes your blog a little more engaging and interesting. Plus it helps to pull in some quality links for your blog, which aids in providing you with more exposure.
  4. Subscriptions. If you want to have people coming to your site often use a Subscription Management software program to help you out. This way you can clean up your email addressed on file and can easily send out relevant information to your customers that are actually interested in it.
  5. Schedule out your blog posts. It is helpful to write in advance and schedule out several blogs. This way your customers will have new content to read daily or every other day. This helps to make your site relevant with the search engines but your customers will have a desire to follow your blog as they know you will always post new and engaging posts to read.

Does my Company need Workmans Comp?

The necessity of workers’ compensation in any business is not a matter of dispute. There are laws on the books that require employers to follow the rules and compensate their employees if they get injured on the job. As with any program that gives workers something for nothing, there’s bound to be a certain level of fraud. Some people think that it’s a good idea to injure themselves to get paid and avoid having to work altogether. Their fabricated injuries are sometimes genuine and other times played up and exaggerated with the goal of encouraging employers that they’re legitimate. There are countless workers’ compensation claims that are accepted, even though there’s no evidence to say the employee was actually injured. It all comes down to the employee’s ability to convince their employer if their injury is covered under workers’ compensation. Sometimes an accident happens and the injuries that occur as a result of it are obvious and not a matter of discussion. Accidents also happen when a supervisor isn’t present on the job site or is occupied somewhere else in the office. In those situations, the employer needs to have a surveillance system installed to monitor anything that might have occurred when they weren’t present.

The best thing to do when you’re faced with a workers’ compensation situation, whether you’re the employer or the worker, is get yourself informed. ClaimWire ( specializes in gathering the most current forms and information about the topic. Their goal is to make sure that everyone involved comes to the table with the best information possible. A lack of correct information could result in fraudulent claims passing through the system or legitimate claims being rejected because the employee didn’t fill out a form or submitted materials in the wrong sequence. You need to always return to their website because ClaimWire updates their databases as new information becomes available. The only that’s worse than not having the right information is presenting data that is outdated and inaccurate. Everything having to deal with workers’ compensation is complicated and contentious. It’s a good thing to know that there’s a website out there that’s willing to put in the work to gather the right materials to help you throughout every step of the process. Both sides of the situation need to have some sort of representation on their side. Employers do not have the time to devote significant energy to these cases and workers have a lot more to worry about when they get injured.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the situation, it’s important that everyone proceeds in the fairest fashion possible. Any improper conduct will result in the claims getting delayed and more time being wasted on both sides. The employer has to cooperate when legitimate claims are brought to their attention and the worker has to do everything in their power to ensure that they have submitted the right materials. If both sides work together, it’s only a matter of time before the claim is approved and each side can move on from it. A worker that has a legitimate injury needs to move past the formalities so they can focus on honoring their other obligations.

Managing Personal Finance

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...

If you have never done this before, then managing financials can seem like a very scare task. You can become completely intimidated by the amount of money that you are dealing with and with the obligations that you have to fulfill regarding it. Take a deep breath, there are people who can help you figure all of this out.

If you are near a university or a community college, you can always enroll as a student or an independent study student and you can take a class on managing financials. These classes can help you learn everything from balancing checkbooks to shopping smart. They are also there to help you develop plans to pay off student loans, figure out how to mortgage things, and manage your money in a way where you can have as little debt as possible. These classes are fairly cheap, if you are just taking the one, and will definitely benefit you in the end. You can talk with people in the class to find out what works for them and you can talk with your professor about good strategies that apply specifically to you.

You can also hire someone to teach you or someone who does it all for you. It is best to learn because then you will have the ability to do whatever you need to whenver you need to on your own. It is a great skill set to have and managing money correctly is something that will benefit you for your whole life.

Increase your Customer Base

How can a company use email marketing to increase its customer base? As we know, email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a large group of people using email. In my opinion, it is rather obvious then how a company can use email marketing to increase its costumer base. The more emails a company sends out, the more potential people it may affect, and the costumer base will undoubtedly increase. We are all aware of how computers have seemed to take over our lives. We obsess over them and seemingly can’t live without them.

When trying to increase customer base in any company, it is important to clearly define goals and objectives. By implementing goals and objectives your company can take the next step in creating effective email marketing campaigns which will increase its customer base. The first thing to keep in mind is making sure your company understands its target audience. Who is it that you are trying to market to? By understanding who you are trying to reach, your team can more effectively create campaigns that will appeal to this audience and increase your customer base inevitably. It is also important to keep your company logo and color scheme consistent with every email marketing blast you send out. This allows consumers to come to recognize your brand and be familiar and comfortable with it. If they know who the email is from, they are more likely to open it rather than automatically putting it into their spam folder. Email marketing in particular heavily relies on building a bond of familiarity with the customer since you need to get them to open the email and engage in some sort of action. Another important aspect to increasing your customer base is to be sure to allow customers to opt-out as soon as they request to do so. This may seem a bit counter intuitive since you are trying to get more traffic to your company, but by taking your time, or sending out more emails after a customer has requested to opt-out, they are more likely to get angry and just delete your emails rather than spreading your company by word of mouth to their associates. You want to treat the customer with utmost respect so they remain loyal and refer people to you. Finally, if you decide to include a special offer with your email marketing, make sure to keep it for a limited time only or for a specified number of customers so that individuals act fast and do some kind of action. Who knows, this might even spark someone to tell their friend if they are really excited about what you have to offer!

Utilizing email marketing is a great way for a company to reach a broad number of people in an efficient manner and try to increase their customer base.

Attracting Customers with Ease

Whether you are already running your own business, or still thinking about starting your own business, I suspect that deep down you know you have gifts and talents that can really make a difference to others. In an ideal world, you’d spend the majority of time doing the work you love to do, with a steady stream of clients knocking at your door as and when you want them. The reality, however, can be somewhat different, and the whole process of finding new business can be a time consuming challenge full of uncertainty.
Some would be entrepreneurs are so intimidated by the idea of finding clients that they never put their dreams into action. Others start promising businesses, yet give up disillusioned by the frustrating lack of clients. Some die-hards persist, but at great emotional and financial cost as the uncertainty about  attracting and maintaining clients takes its toll.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to reverse the sales process. Imagine, if you will, a situation where instead of having to go out and chase new business, qualified buyers are seeking out YOUR expertise. Imagine putting your marketing efforts on ‘automatic pilot’ so the right work turns up as and when you need it. Imagine being able to pick and choose which projects you want to work on. Can you imagine having the confidence to turn down work that doesn’t meet YOUR criteria?
Here’s a metaphor that nicely sums up this approach. Imagine two boys in a garden. Both of them want to catch birds. One of them is frantically chasing after birds; the other just stands still holding out birdseed in his hand and waits. Instinctively, most of us recognise that the second boy will be more successful. Yet most sales techniques used by businesses today involve some form of ‘chasing’ with the net result that prospective clients are scared away. In this article you will discover how the birdseed approach can help you attract rather than chase clients, and even get them eating out of your hands!
‘But that doesn’t apply in the business world’, I can hear you say. ‘If it were that easy, why don’t I already have all the clients I want?’ Well there are a few possible answers. Some of us have entered the commercial garden, but forgotten the birdseed! Others haven’t even taken the birdseed out of the packet. Some of us have the birdseed in our hand, but clenched so tightly the birds can’t get to it. If you  are to adopt the latter approach, it’s important to spend some time selecting the right birdseed. So what’s your birdseed? To answer this question you need to know who you are aiming to attract, so that you are offering the birdseed which is most tasty and appealing to your target clients.
1. Take a moment to think about your prospective clients. What are their concerns and fears? What problems are they struggling with right now? What are their hopes and desires? Be willing to think laterally as you think about what is most important to them.
2. The next step is to align what you have to offer with their most pressing concerns and needs. How can you help your target clients even before they become a client of yours?
3. It’s important to emphasise that you already have skills, knowledge and expertise that is valuable to your prospective clients. The trouble is most of us take what comes naturally to us for granted, and completely underestimate the value of what we know to our prospective clients.
Not only is what you know very helpful, you could be using it to attract your prospective clients, by packaging your knowledge and expertise in a form that meets one of their current needs. A classic way of doing this would be to offer a free report or information pack which answers a question or solves a problem that your prospective clients have.
For example, if you are a recruitment consultant, you have probably noticed that some of your existing clients are more successful at attracting and retaining talent than others. Now if you sit down and reflect upon this, you could probably come up with five things that the companies who are successful at retaining talent do that others don’t. This could be based entirely on your personal observations over the years. Voila! Flesh out your opinions and you now have a report, ‘5 ways attract and retain talent’ or ”What companies who are successful at attracting and retaining clients do that their competitors don’t’
This does not need to be a ground breaking piece of academic research. I want to remind you that you already have an opinion on this, which may well differ from the mainstream view, and if I asked you this question over lunch, you would have no problem in coming up with an answer.
4. Once you have your article written, you could offer this free report by placing a message or short ad in a place where your target clients congregate. I call this a magnet – something that provokes prospective clients to raise their hands and say, ‘I’m interested!’ By requesting your report, responders indicate that they are interested in this topic.
Now, not everyone who requests your report will be a hot prospect, but there will be some potential clients within this group. The free report would just be the starting point of your relationship. From this point you could offer more ‘birdseed’ each time demonstrating your credibility in this subject area, up until the point when the prospect asks, ‘can you help me’, or a one-to-one conversation is necessary.
This is a low cost way to generate leads and position yourself as an expert in your particular field. Yes, it takes a little brainstorming, imagination and creativity on your part, but the knowledge which shapes your ‘birdseed’ should come naturally anyway, and the time spent thinking about the needs and desires of your prospective clients will never be wasted.
(c) Bernadette Doyle, 2004.  Reprint rights granted to all venues so long as the article and by-line are reprinted intact.  This article may not be used for any publication unless it is opt-in.