Business Casual Dress

Business Casual DressOften we are unsure of how to dress for work. Also depending on your chosen career there are a lot of different acceptable options. For instance if you are an attorney you need to be professional typically in a suit, but on the other hand, if you are a teacher in a elementary school you will probably be less formal but still look nice and put together. There are typically two main categories of work attire dress code; business formal and business casual. Business formal is pretty easy to figure out since it probably requires suits for men and suits or dress skirts for women. Most often black or dark grey is worn to show a lot of conservatism as well as professionalism. For instance, when I worked for a law firm, it was very professional and I was dressed up every day. Meeting with clients and going to court required very precise dress and professionalism. My jobs since then have been more casual meaning I could wear slacks, and one job even allowed me to wear jeans. Even though I wore jeans I wore a dressy top to make sure I looked nice and the jeans didn’t show sloppiness. You can still look nice and put together without being so dressy. So I have experience going from both ends of the spectrum when it comes to work attire.

The best bet for knowing what is expected of you in terms of clothing for the workplace is to ask your boss although; sometimes dress code won’t be explicitly stated. So look around you and try to blend in with your other coworkers in the office. Being conservative and modest are always good bets. Typically business casual would still mean women wear skirts, but they might not always have to be part of a suit or pencil skirts. Since it is business casual you could get away with more variety and colors in your skirts. Overall however I’m sure you want to be conservative and make sure you are modest. Another option for women would be dress pants or khakis. You obviously have a lot more freedom when it is business casual to somewhat incorporate work appropriate style into your dress. When it comes to tops, more casual blouses and polos might be perfectly acceptable. Wear long sleeves in the Winter and more t-shirt length sleeves in the Summer. You can buy polo shirts here if that is something that you are interested in.

The following are some general guidelines for women to follow regarding business casual in the workplace. First rule of thumb is to keep it covered. Wear long skirts, pants and high necks to avoid any showiness. Second rule of thumb is to keep it neutral. For your main pieces wear more neutral colors and spice things up with color accessories. This doesn’t by any extreme mean you need to look drab. Third rule of thumb is to keep it classic. By wearing what has been tried and true and adding some of your personality to it will go a long way. So try to not get overwhelmed or anxious when you start a new job and the dress code is business casual. Although the option are more loose, stick to your instincts and you’ll do just fine.  


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