amm2There is a step-by-step protocol that you should be following, if you want your online business to succeed. Now it all depends on your type of business, as to which steps you place an emphasis on. Some steps are more important than others.

So let’s get started.

1) An online blog is a good place to begin. If you haven’t already done so, you should really think about getting your blog started. This gives your customers a gateway to your brand and a key to what you are offering. Your blog will offer information that your online company will not.

2)When putting the word, make sure your keywords are being promoted wisely. You really can’t rely on long-tail content, unless it involves some sort of relevancy. Angle your promotion with the right keywords and the right placement. It’s all about location. Just one wrong place can throw off your entire goal.

3)You have to get used to using both internal and external links. Links can help you build your brand, as well as the amount of traffic that comes to see you. Both types of links can be of use. You do have to be careful though.

Do not get involved in Black Hat Tricks. Stick with the White Hat or Organic methods. Make sure the links are going to be helpful to you and for you. Don’t just pick out an internal or external link because it looks good on the surface,

It could have been broken. It could have been damaged in some way. It could have had low-quality spam related to it. If your name is attached to it in some way, you will be labeled with the “guilty by association” tag.

3)Try using some sort of media imaging company, if you can afford to do so. An image company or staff can help your brand goes where it needs to go. Take a look at Adduco Media. Their staff helps online businesses get to where they need to be every day. This is just one option. The point is, an image company can really add some benefits to your brand. It’s in your best interest to look into it.

4)Another good tip is to use social media. You don’t have to use every single platform. Just find the platforms that work best for you. Some like to use Facebook. Some like to use Instagram or Twitter. Some like to use SnapShot.

Get in the habit of posting something from your brand online in one of these places, or all of them. You don’t have to post everything about you or your brand, just enough to wet the appetite of your customer base.

The main thing is to always have your customers wanting more. If you can achieve this with your business right from the get-go, you are on the right path.

Top 4 Tips for Stretching Your Marketing Budget

Top 4 Tips for Stretching Your Marketing Budget picDo you feel like your marketing budget is holding you back? Is there just not enough room in your budget to do all of the things that you would like to do? You cannot increase revenue without marketing and making more sales, so you have to find some way to stretch that budget out and still get the results that you are looking for. There are a few different things that you can do.



Analyze Your Tactics and Cut What Is Not Working


Take some time to pour over all of your marketing tactics and find out what has the highest conversion rates. Do you get more results from working in print marketing or from an internet based veterinary marketing service? How does cold calling work when compared to sending out material in the mail? Keep the things with high conversion rates and do away with anything that is costing you time and money for minimal results.



Do It Yourself


You might be tempted to run out and hire a professional for every part of the job, but you don’t always have to do so. Need a new picture taken of an upcoming product? You could pay someone for press shots, or you could take the pictures and run them through post-production on your computer. Be careful with this, though; you don’t want to spend so much time doing it yourself that you cut into what you are actually supposed to be doing in your position.



Take Advantage of Bulk Pricing


Let’s say that you are going to be sending out postcards to all of your prior customers so that you stay fresh in their minds. It’s a great idea to do this around the holidays; but it often costs much more per item to order multiple small batches than it costs to order one bulk shipment. You can get more for less.



Reduce Turnaround Time on Materials


The sooner you get your materials to the public, the sooner you are going to see results. Try to increase your speed as much as possible so that you can see some related income, helping to supplement that budget. Check into your distribution processes. Are there any parts that could be eliminated or simplified? Making such small adjustments along the supply-chain can lead to large time savings.



You don’t have to give up on marketing just because you have a small budget; you just have to be smarter about how you use what you have. If you spread your resources wisely, you could end up getting the same results without so much wasted capital.

How To Advertise Your Company on the Internet

The Internet has completely changed the way that organizations do business. It is not enough to rely on the traditional forms of media like the television or print ads anymore. It takes an organization that is in touch with the Internet and the social media advertising solutions to appeal to a new generation.

Many people that are in need of advertising will scramble to find the right marketing company that can actually address organization needs effectively. Online marketing solutions by Orangesoda have become very valuable to new companies. So much has changed over the years in concerned to marketing. More companies are building a presence on the web with social media. It is almost impossible to reach the masses without embracing these forms of marketing.

The Internet has really made it easy for companies to build a brand without spending a fortune to do so. There are a lot of organizations that use videos and online commercials that can be accessed at any time. This is much better than waiting for a television spot for an advertisement. Online advertising reaches beyond geographical boundaries. People that have been looking for ways to improve upon their business will need to consider OrangeSoda. This is a company that is embracing the cutting edge marketing platforms that involve highly popular apps and social medial platforms.

The app market is really big because a lot of people are accessing the Internet from their smart phones and tablets. There is app advertising that is very effective for companies that have learned how to tap into this market. It really is a valuable part of the new advertising culture of today. More organizations are recognizing the value of using these new platforms to appeal to more people sooner.

That is what is best about the whole concept of online marketing. There are so many people that have access to the web because there are so many resources for this. Some users access the web by using tablets. Others users have smart phones or laptops. Entire generations of people have lots of different ways to access the Internet at work, home and on the job. This is why is makes more sense to consider this method.

The first thing that a company that needs advertising has to do is recognize how this strategy can be implemented to attract new business. After this is done company leaders can work with OrangeSoda to develop strategies to continue connecting with customers for repeat business. This is what social media is able to do. Companies that build an online presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook can develop a following. This can ultimately lead to better brand recognition and great brand loyalty.

Instazebra Infographic

It is hard to believe that many marketers still haven’t caught on to the advantages offered through Instagram. This is one of the most popular new social media sites out on the internet. It features up to 150 million users who are active on the site each month.

Through Instagram, over 16 billion photos have been shared by users. There are even 1.2 billion likes that are posted on the site at any given moment. Think about using Instazebra to help advertise to users who are on Instagram. This can be the best way for marketers to instantly link up to thousands of users at one time.
Instagram Infographic

Learning About SEO

The Basics of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a concept successful webmasters must understand. Using SEO correctly can make the difference between a site just “taking up space” on the Internet, and one earning thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.

The first search engine, “Archie,” was created in 1990. Since then, there have been several, but Google is the most widely used. Search engines employ algorithmic programs to decide which pages to look at, and how frequently to visit that page. Then, “spiders” or “robots” crawl the site looking for relevant keywords and content. They also find how many backlinks there are to the site. Backlinks are links that websites use to point visitors to other web locations.

The engines use these things, together with the quality and relevance of the site content, to process the value of the site. The result is page ranking. If a site has a high page rank, it comes up on the first couple of pages the engine displays in search results. Obviously, people searching a topic are not going to scroll through many pages of results, so page ranking is important to a site.

Understanding and using SEO can help webmasters achieve that high ranking. The OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog goes into many SEO topics in depth, and can help newbies to the Internet understand search engine strategies, but here are the basics. On-page SEO employs keywords to help the “spiders” crawling a site know where to search. It involves writing content that includes words and phrases that are used by people searching for the service or product the site provides. Off-page SEO is building links in other content, or other sites, that will point searchers back to the parent site.

SEO also comes as “White Hat,” and “Black Hat.” White Hat, or Organic, SEO is optimization that is not paid for. It uses keywords that occur naturally in the content and that are relevant, basic linking, and relevant content to achieve page ranking. Black Hat SEO is usually a purchased strategy. It uses trending keywords, whether or not they relate to the content, sometimes “stuffing” them. It also uses hidden text in the content to re-direct searchers to another site. Links are also stuffed in Black Hat SEO, but search engines recognize a site with overuse of keywords or links as low-quality.
Of course, there are advanced techniques and important nuances, beyond basic SEO, that webmasters should understand. For instance, the OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog recently featured an entry entitled “5 Steps to Writing Content for Your Target Audience.” Clearly, more knowledge in Internet marketing translates to higher page ranks and increased site revenue.

Finding an Office Space 101

The first thing to do when looking for a suitable office space is to make sure and explore your options. Never, ever choose the very first space that is shown to you. That is just not a wise business move in any scenario. You want to see a bunch of places before deciding which one to settle on. Even if you are on a time crunch, it pays off in the long run to take your time and looking at a few options to compare to one another. You want to see all options before narrowing down and deciding on the one you’ll take. Each space is different, and will provide different options for you.

By looking at multiple options, you can narrow down exactly what the space needs to have for you in order for your business to be successful. You need to have your list of needs and wants when looking at every space. You won’t know what you need until you look around at what is available. Some spaces you’ll see are already sectioned off into offices and for the most part are move in ready aside from bringing in furniture. Other spaces you’ll see are just wide open spaces and you’ll need to spend both time and money allocating space into offices or cubicles or whatever it is that will suit you best. Office space for lease Dallas will help you find what type of space is best for you. Something to keep in mind when finding a suitable office space is to determine if you want to move into an established office solution scenario or if you want to buy/lease a space and build it from the ground up. I’m not too sure about you, but I think the idea of moving into an established office solution sounds like a great idea.

Some benefits of this include: access to an office space that is already furnished, access to both conference rooms and additional meeting space, access to a cafeteria so that your employees can have lunch, access to a janitorial service so you know the space is regularly cleaned and up kept, typically access to IT solutions, already established mail rooms and copy rooms, access to already hired administrators so the need for multiple employees on your end is limited. To me this sounds great! This cuts down on a lot of time and stress trying to get the logistics of a new business up and running.

Basically this is turnkey in the fact that you walk in and are ready to get to work. Sure this option might require a hefty price tag, think of the time you’ll save setting up everything on your own and you can simply jump right into your business and starting to make money. Peace of mind means a lot to me! The last tip regarding finding a suitable office space would be to make sure that whatever you decide on is going to work with your business plan. First figure out your plan, what sort of equipment if any you’ll need, and how many employees you’ll need. Don’t find a space and then figure out how everything is going to fit. Make sure you do it the other way around.


How To Successfully Manage Business Projects

When you need to improve your current business tools can help. Simply fill out the ‘Get a Custom Demo’ form and you will be contacted by a representative who will cue in a product expert. The product expert will take some time to find out what your needs and then walk through a demo made specifically with your issues in mind. can assist with problems such as: project and portfolio management, customizing reports and dashboards, time and resource management, help desk issue tracking and integrating with popular products like Google Drive and others.



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Looking for Construction Jobs in the UK? Five Tips for Success

Working construction isn’t a job that just anyone can do. The work is tough and can even be dangerous based on the exact nature of the job. Still, working construction has become popular in its own right because of the stability and decent pay that the job provides. Of course, you will need proper training before you’ll be able to work on some construction projects. So if you are looking for construction jobs in the UK and are ready to view jobs, here are five tips for success.

Travel May Be Required

The good thing about working in construction is that you can theoretically find a job anywhere on the planet because construction projects are always happening all over the world. However, you should also know that this means you may be required to travel some distances in order to find work! Some construction workers actually enjoy this part of the job, as it allows them to see new settings.

Hark Work Is a Must

Many jobs in construction require hard work and intensive labor. Sure, there are construction worker “jobs” that consist of people just holding signs and directing traffic, but these easier jobs are relatively rare. Most construction jobs require active participation in hard work and toiling. Often, the hours are very long. Sometimes, you may even be required to work on weekends.

Join a Trade Union

A trade union will look out for you because it will help you advance your career through the use of an apprenticeship program. With an apprenticeship program, you’ll receive not just hands-on learning and training, but also very valuable classroom instructions. You should avoid the non-union apprenticeship program, by the way, since these are usually very disreputable and won’t do you any favours.

Pick a Trade You Enjoy

Too many construction workers look for construction jobs that pay well, but this fails to take something even more important than money into consideration. The enjoyment of the job should be paramount. Instead of just taking or applying for the first construction job you see, simply ask folks on a jobsite where they see that particular trade in a few years. Also be sure to do research by reading trade papers and the like.

Show Up on Time

The easiest way to get fired from a job in construction is consistently being late! Punctuality is something that is highly valued in the field of construction, so punctuality is definitely a skill you’ll want to hone. You’re paid by the hour, so your boss won’t approve paying you if you don’t put in a whole hour’s worth of work.

These are the five tips for success if you’re searching for construction jobs in the UK. You can always view jobs online and do research, but construction jobs demand more than just applying. You have to be on time, work hard, and be ready to travel to find the work.

Creating A Memorable TV Ad

Advertising is a budding industry that keeps on getting more and more in demand as the years go on. With so many companies out there dying for a little more exposure to potential clients and customers, businesses are waiting in constant need of more advertising and marketing. One of the most effective ways to advertise any item or service is through television spots. When you post an ad on the tv for your product, you are not only able to reach a local audience, but you put yourself in the position where your product could potentially enter the homes of millions of people in one day. Even if a watcher doesn’t purchase the product right away, they are most likely going to remember the television spot that you put together, thanks to a few helpful tips from the San Francisco video production company that has brought so much success to merchants all over the area.

Write a catchy jingle! If you’re not the best with music, it is really easy to find someone who would be willing to whip up a short tune for the item or service that you provide. People respond very well to pleasant sounding music, and if you infuse music into your ad, it will trigger something in the person’s mind every time they hear the jingle. So many companies have seen their sales skyrocket with the addition of one simple song that they advertised on the television and that people were able to easily identify. Don’t put too many words into the song. The more words there are, the more words people will have to remember in order to sing the jingle, the fewer people are going to keep an invested interest in your product. When it comes to advertising, simple is better.

Use color theory to your advantage! There are all types of advertising, but the unique thing about television advertising is that you are able to trigger so many senses in the average watcher. They are watching, listening, feeling, visualizing, along with their tv. The more senses you are able to tap into, the more likely the watcher is to pay attention to your ad. Color theory can be a big help with this concept. The human eye is attracted to certain numbers, shapes, and colors. Colors are especially noticeable to our minds because they trigger certain emotional effects for most people. Red, for example, can mean love and romance, but it can also be used to simulate blood and wrong-doing. As you make your ad, think about exactly what it is that you are portraying to the audience with your use of color. Make sure the colors you use support the emotional response that you are looking for.

3 Low Cost Local Marketing Ideas

Even when people are planning to buy locally, one of the first places they turn to is the internet to find where to go. Interestingly, many people would rather use a search engine to find local businesses than their local phone book. This makes local search marketing a crucial part of any company’s marketing efforts.

Most consumers still visit the store in person or call to talk to a live person after an internet search for a local product or service. This means that both businesses relying on local or a broader customer areas need to do more than offline marketing to compete in today’s search engine-centric world.

Online marketing can jumpstart your company’s visibility and amplify your current offline marketing efforts. Use online search marketing to build a following, find and connect with prospects and customers you wouldn’t have reached otherwise, and strengthen recognition of your brand.

1.  Harness the power of social marketing

Effective low cost marketing usually requires putting forth time and energy rather than money. So it is with using social media to market your company. Social media is free and is a great opportunity for connecting with customers.

Create a Facebook business page and be sure to set up your timeline view. This is a good place to start since so many of your customers are already using Facebook. This will make you easy to find and connect with for your customers and prospects. Make sure to show a lot of your personality in the About section and add interesting visuals and content that match your brand.

Find other Facebook pages where your customers (and people like your customers) already hang out. Start posting interesting and useful comments on those pages. If what you say is relevant to your customers, they will click to your page to see what else you have to offer. Gather as many likes as possible on your Facebook page. You will also want to create Google + and Twitter accounts and be an active member of those communities as well.

2. Get into content marketing

Content marketing involves regularly posting valuable, interesting, and entertaining online content that people will become interested in and start to follow. This is a great way for a prospect to get to know and build a relationship with your company. One of the easiest ways to begin content marketing is by blogging. You may also want to get into guest blogging and commenting on other industry-specific blogs.

3. Post compelling videos on YouTube

You may not be aware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also free. You can make how-to videos, informational videos, fun videos, whatever your client base will connect with. You can also publish your YouTube videos to your Facebook and Google + accounts.