Small Business Promotion Ideas

Managing a small business, whether locally or online, requires an understanding of the type of products and services you want to offer and how to properly reach your intended audience. Using small business social media tactics is a great way to gain exposure while saving money and ensuring you are reaching as many individuals as possible during the process. Promoting your small business can be done with various methods, depending on the budget you have available and the consumers you want to reach.

Offline Promotion Ideas

If you are running a small business locally, you can choose to promote your business locally by paying for print advertisements and even radio or television spots. Although print and offline media campaigns are often more expensive than promoting your small business online, they can be quite effective if you want to attract a specific type of audience who is locally near you.


Promoting your small business online has never been easier than by submitting your website’s links to relevant online directories. Online business directories help you to gain more exposure professionally while also adding your site’s link into various search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and even Google. The more you promote your website within directories, the easier it will be for other individuals who are interested in what you are selling or providing to find you.


Ensuring your website has properly implemented SEO, or search engine optimization, is another way to help boost page views, visitors and the potential to make sales while generating revenue for your small business. Knowing your target audience and relevant keywords that fit with your business model is a way for you to work towards having your website appear within popular search results from individuals who are seeking the products or services you have to offer.

Social Media Promotion Tips

Promoting your small business, online and off, can be done with the use of social media. Creating a specially-designed Facebook, Twitter and even a Pinterest page can help you to develop a brand for your small business without the investment traditional marketing and advertisements may cost you. Using social media to promote your company, regardless of whether it is a start up or simply a local business will help you to gain followers and loyal customers in an instant. Social media is ideal for any business and industry, and gives you an entirely new platform to openly communicate with your visitors and loyal customers at all times.

Promoting your small business online is ideal whether you are seeking more loyal customers or if you are in need of additional platforms to gain exposure and potential followers of your brand. Putting social media to use is a key factor in finding success online, whether you are sharing content, selling products or promoting professional services that you want to provide.

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Improving Your Business Process

The business world is such a vibrant one. Things are always changing. There are those processes that can help make your work easy. Take for example a scenario where you used to rely on a messenger to collect or drop mail to and from clients. You can reassign new tasks to the messenger and outsource mail dispatch services instead.  Another example is where business records used to be kept manually before people knew how to use computers. Now we have computers and relevant software that can update those records within no time. These two illustrations show how improving business processes leads to efficiency. Below are more suggestions on the same:

Review the systems in place

There are many ways that your business could improve. Then only way to find out how is by looking at it through an outside eye. You can hire a business process consultant to come and review your systems. Then work on the suggestions. Although some may take time to implement the mere fact that you have identified areas that need improvement is sufficient.

Train your staff

The world is changing at a very fast pace. Your business needs to move with the times. Ensure that your staffs are aware of new ways of doing things. Encourage them to enroll for technical and business development courses.  Arrange for seminars on customer care. Basically, introduce change in the minds of your workers. This will teach them how to remain relevant. Initiate dialogue and seek their indulgence on ways of improving service delivery or the manufacture of goods.

Use the internet

If ever there was a phenomenon that changed the world since the wheel was invented, the internet takes top honors. These days we read books, do our shopping, send mails, study and keep in touch via the internet. This is one resource you should use in order to learn about improving your business process. The internet contains tons of information on any conceivable subject. For the sake of your business, there are blogs and specific sites that could offer a lot of help. Browz is an example of such a resource.

Hire consultants

Some entrepreneurs are afraid of calling upon business consultants. They are of the opinion that consultants are expensive professionals. That is a misconception since not all business consultants are pricey. Besides, it depends on the scope of work you want them to carry out. It is possible to seek for the same advice for free. Go online and visit sites like the one mentioned in the point above.

In this modern era, business has become a highly competitive undertaking. Only the best can survive. Review your processes, make changes and improve on efficiency then watch as your business starts scaling new heights.

How To Get Your Business Optimized For Google Maps

Visibility plays a significant role in the success of all businesses. Optimizing the listing for a business makes it less difficult for potential customers to locate. Every business fits into a category. A strong presence on the internet is another aspect that contributes to how easy it would be for a business to be found by internet users. Google Maps optimization allows businesses to be visible throughout the web through accurate listings complete with an official site and categorization. Here is how to get a business optimized for Google Maps.

The first step in optimizing a business for Google Maps is setting up a place page. A Google or g-mail account for the business should be started and the email should be free of any connection to personal accounts. After registering if an account wasn’t already made, the next step is to go to the web page for Google Places. The option that reads “List Your Business” will allow the user to find out whether the business is already identified through Google. Once the user finds out, the information that is already established on the web can be personalized with more details. This is where optimization comes in. The basic business information is the place to start. It requires the business address, category, website URL and email to be filled in. The website should be an official one as Google pulls data from established sites to improve descriptions of businesses on the web.

Google provides suggestions of categories to place the business in so that search engine results will generate the business for all related searches. This increases exposure for the business. The default suggestions are the recommended ones to choose as a category because the company will automatically rank higher on search engine results for relevant searches. One mistake people make is choosing a general category rather than a specific one. Instead of this choice making the business more visible, this piles it with other businesses which were probably placed into general categories for the same reason. Choosing a specific category does not limit exposure. It is a great way to optimize the company and make it more visible.

Business descriptions is the most important part of optimization. Keywords that are related to the business can be used once every ten to fifty words in business descriptions. The keywords can be the very service or product that is given by the business. This ensures that the description is for real potential customers and not to rank high on search engine results on behalf of the Google Algorithm.

After using the necessary keywords in the business description and listing the business address accurately, the next step for the optimizing process is verification. Every listing must be verified, and this can be done by telephone, SMS text or mail. A code or PIN helps Google verify the listing and establish that the person responsible for filling out the information mentioned above is really a representative or owner of the company. Once the verification process is complete it is okay to continue optimizing the content on the listing page.

It was mentioned that keywords are a source for optimization but images and even videos help optimize places on Google Maps as well. Also customer reviews can be encouraged and managed. This shows up as well when Google Maps generates results. The reviews can increase or ruin the chances of someone reading further to find out more about the business. This is an indirect form of optimization but it is a great method nonetheless.

Google Maps maintains a platform for businesses to become a part of listings and search results through easy filing out of information and search engine optimization through service or product related keywords. Google Maps optimization works well the generate more traffic to existing sites dedicated to those businesses and it gives representatives and owners the opportunity to engage with existing and potential customers.

Write a Business Plan and Create Success

The words of this info graphic done by Business Plan University sum it up perfectly “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  49% of small business fail with in the first 5 years and currently only 40% of businesses are using a business plan.  From this information I learned how crucial business plans are to start up businesses.  They can help you know where your going and how you are going to get there.  It also helps you understand where you should be and what risk you can take to benefit your business.  Take some time to see what a business plan can do for your business.

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How to Save Money When Marketing Your Business Online

Increasing the exposure of a business requires marketing and promotion when marketing a business. This is done using techniques that include SEO and internet marketing. One aspect of internet marketing that is often overlooked is a concentration on social media. The use of social media for internet marketing can save money that may otherwise be spent on less effective advertising and promotion.

Social Media

The use of social media for an online marketing campaign is an inexpensive way to promote a brand to a large audience. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have millions of users. The users of a social media site are typically using a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet. Mobile is where the efforts of a business marketing plan need to be concentrated. Marketing through social media is a good way to expand a brand to a large audience.

Marketing Costs

Creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account is a necessity for businesses today. Many customers will begin following a business by liking it on Facebook or favoriting it on Facebook. Businesses benefit by having likes and favorites shared with other users. This is a great way to gain followers by having users who are not familiar with a business to become potential customers. The marketing of a business is done by users with no cost to a business.


Advertising promotions offline often meant placing an ad in a newspaper or distributing fliers with one or more specials. This can now be done online using QR codes and online coupons a business does not need to spend money to distribute. One way to integrate promotions into social media is to use a check in feature or track the number of likes for a Facebook post. A business will save money as a promotion that is liked or favorited by one person is shared with all their connected friends.


Posting to social media sites throughout the day takes time and often requires paying an employee. The use of online applications to automatically post to various sites at scheduled times will save money and time. One aspect of the Internet and social media is that customers may be online or available when the business is closed. This is often true after the close of business hours. Customers need to be updated on a regular basis for marketing to be successful. The best way to ensure this is done is to use tools to post to social media sites at specific times of the day.

Additional Information

Many of the tactics for the SEO of a website can be applied to online marketing. This includes having updates and posts optimized with targeted keywords to achieve the best results.

The Best Free Online Marketing Strategies

The Internet has become such a large part of the average American’s life, it’s hard to imagine an effective marketing strategy that doesn’t utilize it. The best part about using the Internet to market your business is many of the best methods are free.

One of the most effective free online marketing strategies is utilizing video sharing sites. They have massive marketing potential, with the largest of these sites, Youtube, seeing over one billion unique visitors a month. There are several key benefits when using video marketing. For example, people tend to consider videos more trustworthy than articles or audio presentations. Another chief benefit is the fact that Youtube is owned by Google, so Youtube videos tend to rank high in their search engine. Getting started is extremely easy, all you need is a decent web camera and a microphone and you’re good to go.

Using social networking websites is another free method of effectively marketing your business online. Facebook is the biggest social networking site by a large margin with an estimated 1.2 billion active users. There are many great ways you can integrate social networking into your marketing strategies. The majority of businesses use social networking just to socialize with their customers and build relationships. This can be a very effective strategy because it’s not intrusive and people will appreciate it.

Arguably, the best long-term online marketing strategy is email marketing, yet it is highly underused. This is probably because for some reason a lot of people think that all email marketing is spam; so businesses avoid it. This is wrong because as long as someone willingly opts to receive your emails, it is completely legit. Email marketing is superior in many ways to other forms of online marketing. One of the largest benefits of having an email list is that you can market to them over and over again. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is a right way and a wrong way to use email marketing. The key is to build a relationship based on trust with your subscribers. After that they will be more inclined to become paying customers.

Article directories, like eZine, are one of the oldest methods of free online marketing. The age of this particular strategy makes people question whether or not it still works. The answer is yes, article marketing is still a viable strategy to market online, although it has lost some of its effectiveness. Awhile back, it was extremely easy to rank one of these articles in Google. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case ,and now it takes a bit of work and time to rank one. However, article directories are still an effective marketing strategy because they still see thousands of visitors a month.

Using the Internet to market your business is a great way to reach out to your customers and can significantly increase your profits. If you can’t figure out the free online strategies you can look at hiring a company to help you grow your internet marketing presence like promote your website with Orangesoda .

Presenting at a Conference

When you find out that you have been selected to present at a conference, you might go a little crazy thinking of all the various things you will have to do in order to really do a great job. There are a great number of tasks that you have to fulfill and preparations you have to take in order to turn a presentation at a conference into the exact final product that you are looking for. On the day of, your head may be spinning, but there are a few things that you absolutely have to remember in order to really present yourself well on the day of the conference.

Don’t forget to perform the most basic daily hygiene tasks. While it might seem like a given, many people get so caught up in what they have to do that day that they fail to remember simple things like to shave before heading out the door. Shaving is especially important if you do not have any facial hair. When you already have a beard or mustache, it is slightly more acceptable to show off some stubble than if you are normally clean shaven. However, no matter what situation you find yourself in, it is never the ideal to forego shaving on the day of a conference presentation. By keeping a small kit of shaving supplies with you as you pack for the conference, you can be sure that even if the need to shave does slip your mind for a moment, you won’t have to worry that you don’t at least have the tools that you need to get the job done before your presentation.

Even if you have given this presentation at a similar conference and even if you have presented at conferences all over the world, you can’t ignore the need you have to go over your notes before you present. The more you prepare, the more confident you can be that you will perform well and present yourself in a professional manner. Even the most skilled public speakers take a few precautions before a presentation to calm their nerves and go over the content of their speeches before they present themselves in front of the crowds. Especially if this is your first presentation at a conference, you should make sure to practice the presentation on your own before the day of the conference. The last time you practice the presentation should be in its entirety. If you go up to present without ever having performed the entire presentation at one time, then you are bound to stumble over your words or forget a few key points. Make sure you know the entire presentation inside and out before you hit the stage.

Creating an Effective Infographic

The way the internet is always changing and improving, designers must learn to improve and change right along with it. You may have used infographics in the past or you might be new to them. They are created to give your website supporting imagery to the content. People often want to see clear content, but it is cluttered and not visually presented properly.

To clearly think of an infographic, think of a box of toys. When all the toys are in the box they are cluttered and not organized. When you take them out, set them in piles, and organize them, they are visually appealing to look at. This is what an infographic essentially is. Since there are close to 2 million blog posts listed each day, you need to look for new ways to remain relevant. Many of the blog posts do not include quality infographics.

These images will give your customers something to reference often. They can use it in presentations and it becomes a great source of reference material. To get started with your own unique infographic, you need to take a step back and plan out what you want to communicate. Are you hoping to describe confusing information in a clear, precise way? Are you looking for a simple way to communicate a message? These messages are used to explain information and they will do a great job presenting the information to the customers properly. However, the design must look appropriate.

Good infographics will end up changing the way a customer views your website. It also changes the way they experience your site and share your information. When you have a simple image explaining the sales cycle, your staff can easily print it out and keep it in their office to reference often. Creating the right message is critical to people actually gaining something from the image.

Data visualization is growing and with new information at the brink of your fingertips, it is easy to see why customers want something that is exciting. Whiteboard animation is starting to become a popular choice for many businesses looking to boost their marketing. They take a difficult concept and break it down into easy terms with an entertaining video. The breakdown of the concept can help people to clearly understand it quickly. They will easily share the information with others as the concept is so precise and clear.

Draw your readers in with the right images and content. You need to find the best designers to help you create the infographics if you do not have experience. Orangesoda web consultants can provide you with higher quality work and they can easily assist with marketing and other online projects. Effective infographics will do your company wonders in boosting your overall credibility and online visibility.

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