Check Out Cpanel Servers For the Best in User-Friendly Features

You’re starting your own website. You want it to be clean. You want it to be snazzy. But, most of all, you want it to be efficient, affordable and easy to run. Naturally, you’ve looked into dedicated servers for their affordability. However, if you want to save time, money and frustration, there is one type of server you must look into, specifically a cpanel server.

Things You Can Do With Cpanel Servers

Become A Mail Wizard

  • Keep track and handle mail bogies and biggies: autoresponder, spam filter, mailing lists and email account forwarders.
  • Manage email accounts. Add or delete at your discretion.
  • Custom design an automated message, or alert. Give account users a heads-up, or courteous reassurance their note was received.

Be A Thoroughly Hands-on Manager

  • Handle all FTP issues.
  • Set up up extra users and specify granted access.
  • Handle error page notification and password protection.
  • Add and subtract domains and subdomains.
  • Acquire Cpanel’s proprietary ‘Fantastico,’ a commercial script library to facilitates the installation of some fifty-plus systems and applications, including Apache, Tikiwiki and Moodle.
  • Acquire, use E-commerce applications like shopping cart, Hosting, Billing, Polls and Survey applications and Site builder.
  • Manage chat rooms and forums.
  • Manage blogging applications, like WordPress, and utilities, like Cron Jobs

Save On Web-Developer Fees And Look Like A Pro

  • Cpanel’s state-of-the-art graphical-user interface handles even super-steep learning curves.
  • Even that technical bugbear, database management, is handled step by step. You’ll be able to handle this skilled job yourself. No more database manager.
  • If you can manage Windows, you can handle cpanel’s system’s file manager. Download, upload, move, rename, move, edit, delete, name, create permissions, copy and share, using the same icon and drop-panel system your used to

Stress Less With Data Backup and Protection

  • With cpanel at your disposal, you can backup any part of your servers data, or all of it.
  • Schedule routine backups.
  • Store your data on a zip file or on your hosted server.
  • Cpanel stays abreast of the newest available security applications.

Be An E-Commerce Svengali

  • You own a website to generate business. You want to know who’s visiting. Access to the raw log data only gets you so far. Plus, odds are you’ll need a mathematical degree to analyze the figures yourself. Don’t bother. Cpanel offers superior software, including AWStats and Webalyzer.
  • Know how much bandwidth your site uses, how many visitors came today, and from which country, when highest and lowest traffic was generated and if search engines visited.

Obviously, systems mature. They get better. They offer more. So, the above list is not meant to be all-inclusive. However, it is clear cpanel servers are a superlative management tool, one that it behooves any website owner to check into.

Website Development Company Can Help Grow Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business, you really need to stay ahead of your competitors if you are going to stand out in the crowd. The best way to do that is to look for a website development company that provides SEO services tailor made for your business. You have to understand that for every niche there is online, there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses trying to get the same visitors to come to their pages and websites. The problem with this is that you really need to be on the first few pages of the organic searches or no one is ever going to find your site.

One of the best SEO services that can help you to get to the top of the organic search results is the selection of your keywords. You may own the best dog training business in the country, but if you think just because you use the keyword “dog training”, over and over on your articles and webpages that the people will be lining up to your store, you are in for some bad news. The trouble with a keyword like dog training is that is has millions and millions of results for that one term. The chances of your website being in the top thirty pages is slim and none.

One way your business can be catapulted to the top of the search engines is by utilizing long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are just longer variations of the shorter keyword you originally wanted. Now many times the keyword dog training for puppies, only gets a couple hundred thousand searches rather than a couple million. Finding a long tail keyword that has the original keyword in it, and only gets ten thousand searches a month is like hitting the lottery. A keyword like dog training my rescue dog, is a perfect way to get to the top of the search engine ranking for a keyword not too many other competitors are using. A good website development company can provide your business with multiple long tail keywords, then implement in the original keyword so that you are also ranking for the long and short ones.

Once the website begins to get organic traffic for long tail keywords, you will slowly begin to move up the rankings. This means that if you surround the long tail keywords with popular keywords, you are giving your website more authority and the traffic will grow steadily. SEO services can range from article marketing, link building, and meta tags, but if your keywords are not properly optimized, your website will stay invisible. Working with a website development company that can provide you with a list of long tail and short keywords is the best way to build your business from the ground up, and ensure that traffic will steadily increase over time.