Creating A Memorable TV Ad

Advertising is a budding industry that keeps on getting more and more in demand as the years go on. With so many companies out there dying for a little more exposure to potential clients and customers, businesses are waiting in constant need of more advertising and marketing. One of the most effective ways to advertise any item or service is through television spots. When you post an ad on the tv for your product, you are not only able to reach a local audience, but you put yourself in the position where your product could potentially enter the homes of millions of people in one day. Even if a watcher doesn’t purchase the product right away, they are most likely going to remember the television spot that you put together, thanks to a few helpful tips from the San Francisco video production company that has brought so much success to merchants all over the area.

Write a catchy jingle! If you’re not the best with music, it is really easy to find someone who would be willing to whip up a short tune for the item or service that you provide. People respond very well to pleasant sounding music, and if you infuse music into your ad, it will trigger something in the person’s mind every time they hear the jingle. So many companies have seen their sales skyrocket with the addition of one simple song that they advertised on the television and that people were able to easily identify. Don’t put too many words into the song. The more words there are, the more words people will have to remember in order to sing the jingle, the fewer people are going to keep an invested interest in your product. When it comes to advertising, simple is better.

Use color theory to your advantage! There are all types of advertising, but the unique thing about television advertising is that you are able to trigger so many senses in the average watcher. They are watching, listening, feeling, visualizing, along with their tv. The more senses you are able to tap into, the more likely the watcher is to pay attention to your ad. Color theory can be a big help with this concept. The human eye is attracted to certain numbers, shapes, and colors. Colors are especially noticeable to our minds because they trigger certain emotional effects for most people. Red, for example, can mean love and romance, but it can also be used to simulate blood and wrong-doing. As you make your ad, think about exactly what it is that you are portraying to the audience with your use of color. Make sure the colors you use support the emotional response that you are looking for.

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