How To Advertise Using The Internet

Even though the internet has been around for quite a long time at this point, many companies still struggle to use it properly in their advertising campaigns. As a rule, advertising executives are still far more comfortable with physical media, but the truth is that the ads published in these sorts of mediums are increasingly useless.

So, how does a more traditional company make use of online advertising? First, it’s important to understand the differences that exist. There are of course those banner ads that you still see plastered all over websites, but as time goes on these have lost favor. To be frank, users have begun to ignore banner ads in websites much int he same way they ignore advertising in magazines and newspapers. They can still be effective on a limited scale, but it’s usually not a very good return on investment.

Another wildly popular type of advertising is contextual advertising. This type of advertising tends to be only small text boxes, and pulls data from the page in which they are placed to generate relevant ads. While this sort of advertisement can certainly be found on some websites, it is most common on search engines, where it is also most effective. People search for something, and ads related to that search term show up along the side, leading to quite a few clicks. In addition, this type of advertising only requires payment for each click instead of views like many banner advertisement networks.

The final type of advertising is rapidly becoming the most popular and the most effective, but remains the newest to the advertising scene – mobile advertising. While this might appear to not be that different at first glance, there are very important things to consider when it comes to advertising on mobile. For example, traditional banner ads more or less do not work on mobile – once scaled down to mobile size, they either have to be enormous on the mobile version of the website, or so tiny it isn’t worth the money.

Perhaps the most effective type of mobile advertising are in-app ads. One of the big problems that rapidly emerged with mobile was that people were simply not using a web browser, opting instead to use a website’s app. In-app advertisements, as their name might suggest, are embedded within apps – where people spend the vast majority of their mobile time.

But how should you advertise? Mobile advertising is almost certainly the future, as more and more people shift their usage from desktop and laptop platforms to mobile platforms. Contextual advertising might prove a better short-term investment, but looking to mobile is looking towards the future.

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