How to Get Out of Debt in 2014

There are several people who have made the resolution to get out of debt in 2014. They have made the decision to better their lives and are ready to do the work, yet they are unsure where to begin. It is not enough to just say that you are going to save money. There has to be a plan and that plan needs to be followed closely.

Managing and controlling your money is up to the individual and the same plan will not work for everyone, some people will benefit from simply writing out a budget and sticking to it. Some people will need something more regimented like putting money in an account that they cannot touch. Some will benefit from reading financial news letters.

The information available on the internet can be helpful in making a plan and there are support groups available to give advice and be a sort of cheerleader for you as you face this struggle. The main obstacle for most people is getting organized. The best way to get organized is to start with your bills and put them in order of importance and as you follow your budget you will get them paid off one at a time. As you pay them off you will have more money to put towards your other debts to pay them off more quickly.


Using coupons is one way to stretch your dollar and make your family’s budget last to the end of the month. You can get coupons in your local paper, in the mail and on line. Buying store brands can also help with the food budget. Live within your means and allow a little wiggle room in your budget for incidentals.

Another helpful thing to do is pay bills on line. This will allow you more control over your funds since you will not be waiting for your checks to clear your account the money will come out more quickly and you will have a better idea of what you have left to live on. It is important to make sure that you have a few dollars set aside every month for emergencies.

Something else you should take into consideration is how much money you want to save. Paying off your debt is wonderful, but if you do not have a savings account to fall back on, the likelihood is that you will end up back in debt, and living from paycheck to paycheck. So it is important to put a set amount of money into savings every month and do not touch it. Remember not to get so caught up in paying off your debt that you forget to give yourself a little every month for entertainment.

Getting out of debt will offer you a sense of peace and accomplishment like no other be worth it. Good luck.

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