Print Advertising

print_marketingFor years the advertising industry has sent out fliers to prospective customers as they try to generate new business. With the Internet taking over the way we communicate, print advertising ended up taking a back seat to social media, search engine optimization and mass emails. With technology in the driver’s seat, many advertisers are naturally being drawn to it and onlookers are thinking that print advertising may be a thing of the past, or is it?

For any business thinking about an advertising strategy, here are a few reasons why your marketing representative should include Print Marketing as part of the game plan. First of all, when you choose print as an option you will have tighter control of where your marketing attempts end up. What that means is simple, the money you spend on marketing will be better utilized, giving you greater bang for your buck!

Technology gives as good as it gets but it can’t be compared to printed materials as far as making people take you serious. When you think about an email in your in-box, it is very easy to hit the delete key. On the other hand, print advertising will probably hang around for a lot longer in your home, your counters and with the rest of your mail before it makes it to the trash can, if it does.

Another great reason for choosing to advertise with print media is because the competition just got smaller. Consider the facts, there was once a time when potential customers would be so inundated with promotional materials that they would not even look at it. As fast as they opened their mailbox and saw it stuffed with print materials, they all went into the trash, similar to the way we discard the emails that we get today.

It is difficult to get an advertising email to catch someone’s eye long enough for them to read it. More often than not the computer user has to move their screen around in order to benefit from the whole email. With Print Marketing that is hardly necessary, in fact, in most cases the advertiser can make the flier as big or as small as they want and still benefit from the way the customer perceives it.

With so many advertisers changing the way they focus on marketing, the possibilities of getting a message to the prospective customers actually got a whole lot easier. Recipients of print advertising, especially in magazines can walk away from the computer, sit on a comfortable sofa or the toilet and take their time looking over the merchandise. The fact of the matter is that print advertising is not going anywhere, the only question is whether or not you will be using it.

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