Small Biz Advertising

As a small business entrepreneur, you know very well how limited it is to advertise. Small businesses do not command huge advertising budgets like the multinational giants. On the other hand, the needs of these two types of entities differ. Even though word of mouth makes for excellent advertising, it is very slow in bringing tangible results. Nonetheless, a small online business can take advantage of available advertising forums and still reach out to its target market. The following ideas will come in handy:

Social media networks

Advertising on most social media networks is free. All you need to do is sign up and create a business page. Provide some incentives to attract people to either follow or like your page. Keep your presence consistent, entertain and inform your prospects.

Buy newspaper advertising space

Once in a while, pay for an ad space in one of the local dailies. If you find this a little cumbersome, you can take advantage of advertising features that run from time to time. During this time, you can advertise at discounted rates.

Business cards

This can be an inexpensive way of advertising. Create a customized card using one of the many templates available online. You can then send the artwork to one of the locally based printers. Alternatively, approach the same business printing firms and have a graphic designer create a card for you. There are some affordable printing firms that you can approach for this. Once they are done, hand them out to friends and the people you meet at business forums and seminars.

Join a professional association

Professional associations offer advertising incentives to members. Take advantage of this opportunity. You can either have an ad placed on the organization’s website or at a special section on a newspaper. Joining business associations is also a way of advertising by itself.

Sponsor a charitable event

You do not necessarily have to sponsor the entire event. You can co-sponsor and have your business name printed on the advertisers’ banner. Doing so not only builds your goodwill in the community, it also makes your business known to potential clients. Giving back to the community portrays your business as one that cares.

Offer discount coupons

Fortunately, the internet provides a wide opportunity to create digital coupons that customers can use to buy products from you at a discount. Doing this helps create awareness about your business. People who look out for coupons will stumble upon yours and utilize the chance.

Yellow page advertising

In as much as this form of advertising is rapidly declining, there are still a large group of people that rely on it. Besides, there is a shift from hard copy yellow pages to virtual online platforms. Either way, get an affordable space and pay for it.

You should always remember that no business advertising technique works in isolation.

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