Choosing between VPS and Cloud Hosting

Storing business information in a virtual storage area is a growing area of technology, not completely understood by many people in charge of storage in the business world. Virtual storage solutions allow a vast amount of documentation and information to be stored online to reduce the amount of paper storage or hardware needed by a company to store their important information. There are two commonly used forms of online storage types used for storing information, these are the virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud hosting.

In general, Cloud hosting has become the better known in the battle of VPS vs Cloud hosting. This is largely because of the growth of cloud hosting for personal information, such as photos and personal documents; for business, cloud hosting is often mistrusted because of the vast expanse of online applications used to store the information. Cloud hosting stores information by spreading the information across a large number of computers and storage solutions, that can be expanded as required to allow more information to be stored. One of the problems for many business users lies in knowing where the information they store in the Cloud is held, and whether any other Cloud users will be able to access the information.

The bonuses of Cloud hosting lie in the fact that the amount of space for storage is not limited by the size of a single assembly of hardware. As the amount of information grows the Cloud expands to allow more information to be stored, alongside large storage many pieces of information are shrunk in size to allow more information to be stored in a smaller area.

VPS hosting differs as it requires hardware that is limited in space to the amount of information that can fit within the piece of hardware. VPS also allows a larger amount of security for the business that allows peace of mind for the business storing information, the type and amount of security used is also known to the business to allow them to be secure in the knowledge their information is safe.

Billing for VPS and Cloud storage varies by the amount of information stored and the requirements of who requires access to the information. Cloud storage can often have higher monthly rates for storage as more users require greater access to their information, with VPS offering limited space and access to information the monthly cost remains the same.

Choosing between VPS and Cloud storage is the choice of the individual or company and the requirements for the amount of storage required and number of people accessing the information. Researching the different options can give a company or individual the information on which solution works best fro their needs.